General Terms & Conditions and Incoterms

General terms

Our general terms and conditions apply to all our activities. These terms and conditions are leading and can be downloaded below. Because we offer a wide range of logistical services, we also employ additional conditions per activity.

Road transport

For road transport, the General Transport Conditions (AVC) and the CMR conditions for cross-border transport apply.

Expedition and customs activities

The FENEX conditions apply to our expedition and customs activities.


The Logistical Services Conditions (LSV) apply to our warehousing activities.


The General Terms & Conditions of the Rotterdam Terminal Operators (VRTO) apply to our stevedore activities.

All aforementioned terms and conditions can be downloaded below.

General Terms & Conditions Hooymeijer (PDF)

Road transport: General Transport Conditions (PDF)

Road transport (cross-border): CMR (PDF)

Expedition and customs activities: FENEX conditions (PDF)

Warehousing: Logistical Services Conditions (LSV) (PDF)

Stowage: General Terms & Conditions of the Rotterdam Terminal Operators (VRTO). (PDF)

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Incoterms are the standard international trade agreements concerning the transport of goods, such as:

  • Who is responsible for transport insurance, licenses, authorisation and other formalities?

  • Who handles the transport and up to where?

  • When are the risks and costs of delivery transferred from the seller to the buyer?

There are eleven Incoterms: four of those deal specifically with transport on water. The remaining seven apply to all forms of transport (multimodal transport).

Incoterms water:

Incoterms multimodal transport: