Container Transport

John, our Container Transport professional delivers containers to and from any destination. The port of Rotterdam holds no more secrets for them. On top of that, he and his colleagues will drive to other European ports and destinations just as easily.

Uncoupling, switching, pickups, deliveries or just eating up the kilometres;

they do it expertly and with great enthusiasm.

We generally transport standard containers with standard chassis. To us, standard means 20-, 40- and 45-foot containers. Naturally, we can also handle any other kind of container. We leave that to our colleagues in the Special Transport department.

Do you want your standard container delivered to a non-standard location? Not a problem! For this kind of job, we bring in Michael with his side loader or Barry with his crane truck. These professionals know their way around tricky combinations of available space, container and cargo.

We are certified for

  • Member of TLN
  • Member of TAPA
  • Member of NDL/HIDC
  • Certified by Ecostars