Road Cargo

Wherever and whenever you want! Our creed at the Road Cargo department leaves little to the imagination. Ed is also an expert when it comes to groupage shipments in the Benelux countries, as well as other destinations in Europe. These types of shipments can be arranged by Ed in no time at all

Our Full Truck Loads, Medium Trucks and Express Wagons enable us to consistently provide the best solution when it comes to getting your shipments to the proper location. It goes without saying that these shipments will be done at the most competitive price, complete with the best conditions. One thing our years of experience in this field have taught us: we never opt for the ‘routine’ solution. On the contrary.

We are driven by our unending curiosity to come up with new possibilities, in order to take our service from ‘good’ to ‘great’!

Our large network of freight carriers provides us both with a myriad of options. On top of that, we can always partner with other departments at HM Group in order to increase the quality of our services, such as: ship deliveries, stevedoring, special transport, container transport, groupage, and warehousing.

Ed will be glad to package your shipment and arrange the necessary details perfectly. Customs formalities? Consider it done! And the best part is that we’ll always keep you thoroughly informed as to the status of your shipment. Think of it as our way of contributing to your success!

For inquiries or more information please contact Ed Droppert.

We are certified for

  • Member of TLN
  • Member of NDL/HIDC
  • Certified by Ecostars