Road Cargo

At Road Cargo, we have all different kinds of drivers in our team. It’s up to Carlo and Henk, our planners, to make that work in our advantage as best as possible. That’s exactly what they enjoy doing; creating a win-win situation. Allowing the truckers to do what they are good at and what they enjoy. That’s how we keep our guys happy and – equally important – this doesn’t go unnoticed by our customers! After all, who wouldn’t want to see a happy and enthusiastic professional at the door?

To each his own passion and specialty.

For instance, there’s Sander. Sander knows the area around Rotterdam like no other. Everything he loads in Rotterdam in the morning, he unloads the same day, within a 100k radius. Clients ask specifically for him. Sander always assesses the situation accurately and helps wherever he can. This way, he not only helps his client, it also allows him to arrive at his next address quicker. As a result, the next client also benefits.

And then there’s Rick. Rick drives for a regular customer every day. He doesn’t know in advance where he’ll be going. Sometimes he has to stay over for the night, but usually he spends his evenings at home. He feels that personal contact with the customer is one of the best parts of his job.

Otto likes to drive out of Rotterdam, preferably into Europe or the UK. He likes to combine loading with unloading. Not empty his load first, he’d rather like to pick up a new load along the way. A full truck and lots of miles, that’s what he likes.

Talking about the UK; there too we have our own specialists. From our office in Glasgow, Fraser sends our guys to and from the mainland with full trailers all week round.

We are certified for

  • Member of TLN
  • Member of NDL/HIDC
  • Certified by Ecostars