Special Transport

If you want to work in our Special Transport department, it helps to be a bit special yourself. These people see possibilities everywhere they look. While ordinary transporters would have walked away a long time ago, Jaco only sees opportunities. Oscar, with his years of experience, helps him turn those ideas into actions.

The planners trust their drivers completely. Adrie, who has never had an accident in his life, and Jaco are like peas in a pod, for example. Jaco handles the details of an assignment, while Adrie executes the plan and improvises when necessary – after discussing it with Jaco, of course. Adrie excels at dealing with unexpected situations however he sees fit. After all, reality never turns out the way you expected.

It will be done and it will be done right.

Whether it concerns the transport of 18-metre-long steel beams, an irregular shaped machine or a luxury yacht.

We are certified for

  • Member of TLN
  • Member of NDL/HIDC
  • VCA
  • Certified by Ecostars