Demonstrating the human side of good business, for 80 years

Years ago, Hooymeijer started the business with one old truck. Roofing was company’s first cargo on the roads in 1935. They had no idea that many decades, cars and employees later, the company would still be a regular sight on international roads. Oscar Hooymeijer, born very near to the current site on Stephensonweg, talks about the company's history and core values then and now.

Special Transport is in our DNA
Oscar Hooymeijer is Manager of Special Transport and Stevedoring. He is also the grandson of the original Mr Hooymeijer, who started the company in 1935. "My grandfather started transport company Hooymeijer and his first customer was his own father. He was the production boss at a factory producing roofing materials. He transported the rolls of roofing with his truck, into the Netherlands. Later came natural gas development. The roofing company then started making rustproof pipes with the roof material, which my grandfather also transported into the country. Hooymeijer expanded as a result. Eventually, we had clients in all corners of the world. In Australia, Argentina, the Middle East, you name it. When my father became director, the focus returned to Vlaardingen, where the warehouse on Edisonstraat was built."

This quickly established the link with Special Transport with which Hooymeijer is now synonymous. Large rolls of roofing and gas pipes still require a special approach. “And yes, the long tubes also required special treatment back then. Securing, stacking and sometimes moving by ship instead of a car requires skill”, Oscar says. Special Transport has been part of Hooymeijer from day one. The business unit is growing to this day. Oscar talks about the plans for this business unit in another article: "Special Transport is in Hooymeijer's DNA. We see many opportunities and possibilities to grow the business unit."

Recognisable core values from back then still apply now
Oscar was practically born in the Hooymeijer premises, but only started working for the company in 1998: "I studied and worked for a few other employers." But Hooymeijer beckoned. "I always wanted to do something more with Hooymeijer and, in 1998, I returned to the nest. Not necessarily to succeed my father; I just find the port and the transport world incredibly interesting! The business and the industry have held my interest from childhood."