Freight Station

Our Freight Station is the proverbial ‘heart’ of our logistics centre. Here all the goods come together and eventually everything leaves again. Usually the same day. That means a lot of hard work and constantly having to pay attention, because an error is easily made.

Hard work is fine, but Dogan can't tolerate mistakes.

That’s why he always does the first inspection of the unloaded goods. It’s a meticulous job, because you never know exactly how an import container has been loaded until you’ve opened the doors.

After unloading, all the goods are placed in a central area in the warehouse. There the process of sorting and preparing for delivery starts. Another meticulous job. Luckily Dogan is there to keep track of it all. What might look like total chaos for somebody else, is a clear clutter for Dogan. He keeps an eye on the big picture and makes adjustments if necessary.

And then there’s Patrick, he’s in charge of the outgoing containers. He is one of the best door drivers in Rotterdam. Loading an export container is something else. How do you get all the right goods into a container in a seaworthy manner? This is multi-tasking at top level. Even though this is the order of the day for Patrick, it’s still a buzz to load a container tightly and without error.

For all shipments to and from the UK we have another warehouse in the Europoort, next to the ferry terminal. Here Mike and his men make sure that all the goods go straight to and from the ferry and are separated for further distribution.

We are certified for

  • Member of NDL/HIDC