Our port crew is like a well-oiled team. Men who have worked together for years and who trust each other. That is a necessity for this job. For example, we transfer large steel plates every week, from barge to coastervessel or from the quay onto a ship and vice versa.

Attention to detail is vital. That is why Dave, who is operating his crane at a height of 13 metres off the ground, has to navigate flawlessly by following the instructions of Peet, who is down in the hold – and vice versa, of course!

The port crew’s motto is: if the shipment can fit through the doors of a container, we will get the goods in or out – without damage and sea-proof.

A damage-free week means snacks.

Come take a look on a random Friday. Chances are you can grab a snack for yourself.

We are certified for

  • ISPS code (IMO)