Since 1935

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  • 1935

    Father Hooymeijer, who worked for the Kramer Brothers on the Rottekade in Bergschenhoek, cannot get roofing materials delivered to his clients fast enough. 

    His son Jan has the answer. He buys an old truck and, just like that, Hooymeijer Transport is born.

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  • 1953

    The discovery of natural gas in Groningen leads to a boom in the transport of pipes. 

    We take full advantage of this development and our company grows significantly as a result. During this period, the business moves to the Nijverheidstraat in Vlaardingen, following our major client.

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  • 1966

    In the early ‘60s, the sea container was first introduced in Rotterdam; a logistical revolution. 

    We saw the potential of this development. Using e.g. side loaders, we deployed used containers to store construction materials.

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  • 1968

    We are outgrowing our current location. The second generation has joined the company by now. 

    We set up a new building with a large workshop and plenty of parking space. In this new location, we can work on trucks, cranes and materials to our hearts’ content.

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  • 1970

    The discovery of natural gas in the North Sea means pipelines have to be installed. 

    Hooymeijer handles the transport of pipes from the factory to the ships in Delfzijl for a period of ten years. For this project, Hooymeijer moves port cranes from Vlaardingen to Delfzijl to load the ships.

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  • 1980

    After the project in Delfzijl, we move the cranes back and use them for stowage activities in the port of Vlaardingen. 

    On our dock, we mostly load and unload pipes onto and off ships. After a while, Portuguese timber and German steel are added to our repertoire. This leads to the birth of Hooymeijer Port Terminals (now Hooymeijer Stevedoring).

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  • 1986

    We unload fruit from Cyprus; tens of thousands of individual boxes are stacked onto pallets manually and unloaded at our dock. 

    We build three warehouses in the parking lot behind our office building for the temporary storage of this cargo. Altra-International was born (now Hooymeijer Warehousing & Customs).

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  • 1991

    After the fall of the Berlin Wall, there is a need to connect the networks of East and West Germany. 

    We receive a lot of work from Germany to transport, hoist and stack the necessary pipes. This project once again keeps the Hooymeijer men away from home many weeks out of the year for over a decade.

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  • 2007

    We move with the times and expand our operations. 

    Through takeovers of e.g. Nico Kind International Transport and Speed Freight, we can add Hooymeijer Special Transport and Hooymeijer Groupage Transport to our range of services.

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  • 2017

    Another step further in our way to become tomorrow's transport company.

    The delivery of our 2 new crane trucks and the introduction of our new corprate identity.

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  • 2019

    These days, we have grown into a modern port and transport business with a clear vision of the future. 

    Nevertheless, we are still the same company as before at heart: hard-working and passionate people with the right mindset. No fancy talk, but simply doing a good job. Together we're HM Group.

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