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Since the middle of last century, our companies have been inextricably linked to the gateway to Europe: the port of Rotterdam.

Here, you will find a never-ending stream of goods on their way to their destinations

It is up to us to keep this stream flowing smoothly, without damage or delays.

No matter whether the goods need to be delivered in the Netherlands or in the rest of Europe, we ensure that the job will be done.

We want to be our clients’ first choice, for our transport activities, as well as for our port and storage activities.

Their cargo is our cargo; their goal is our goal. This is the foundation for our mutual trust.

We want to be our people’s first choice.

That is why we work together to create the best working environment, supported by our expertise, involvement, curiosity, enjoyment and drive. Together, we achieve the best results.

We could never do this on our own, so we work together closely.

With our colleagues, with every department, with our client and their clients, with everyone involved with the port or the road.

Together we are HM Group

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