A handy overview of the most frequently asked questions. Is the answer you seek not included here or does it not fully answer your question? Let us know and we will be happy to help you!

How can I request rates?

You can send an e-mail to our sales team for more information about our rates.

Furthermore, you can do so by by calling +31 85 07 075 00 or call one of our Teamleads.

Who can tell me more about your services?

Our managers Vera (container transport), Oscar (special transport and stevedoring) and Frans (freight station) can tell you everything about our options per service or about combining services. You can find their contact details via our Teampage

Additionally, the services pages can tell you whom to approach for operational questions.

I want to arrange a pickup, whom should I contact?

You can send your container pickup order via email to sales.containertransport@hooymeijer.nl. You can also call us at +31 85 07 075 60.

When can I reach you?

You can contact us digitally 24 hours a day. Alternatively, you can call us on working days between 7 AM and 6 PM at +31 85 07 075 00. In case of an emergency, you can contact some of our staff on their cell phones. Their numbers are listed on the Team page.

How can I tell which container I need?

What will fit into a 20-foot container and when will you need a 40- or even 45-foot container? Click on the name to view each container’s properties, including its dimensions and weight.

20ft Standard, regular container >
20ft Reefer, temperature-controlled container >
20ft Open Top, container with an open top >
20ft Flat Rack, container without sides >
40ft Standard, regular container >
40ft High Cube, circa 30 cm higher than the standard >
40ft High Cube Reefer, tall temperature-controlled container >
40ft Reefer, temperature-controlled container >
40ft Open Top, container with an open top >
40ft Flat Rack, container without sides >
45ft High Cube, extra-long and -tall container >

If your shipment will not fit into a standard container, call us at +31 85 07 075 00 or send an email to sales@hooymeijer.nl.