Warehousing & Customs

Ray is the go-to guy when it comes to customs documentation. Clearance or temporary imports? Ray will take care of it. He loves keeping track of and applying the ever-changing regulations. If procedures change overnight, that is not a problem for Ray.

You never have to fear an unexpected inspection.

Neither does Ray.

Ask Leen, our warehouse manager, where a certain pallet can be found and he will take you straight there. He can even tell you, as long as the neutrality has been guaranteed, who owns the pallet, how long it has sat there and what goods are on it. That is business as usual to Leen. He serves as his clients’ external memory.

Leen is all about information, whereas Thomas is all about taking action.

Thomas loves unloading containers, repacking boxes, labelling pallets, breaking up shipments and loading them onto a different container later on. In short, Thomas is our Value Added Logistics guy. He always follows the rules, too – as well he should, in our AEO certified warehouse.

We are certified for

  • AEO Certified
  • Member of NDL/HIDC
  • Member of FENEX