With the exception of Hong Kong, all ports in greater China, and all ports in Japan, require an Advance Filing. This applies to all cargo being imported, as well as cargo transhipped via these countries.

24 hours prior to departure

The Advance Filing Rule requires carriers and NVOCC's to electronically file details of all cargo on any vessel intended to sail for China or Japan, 24 hours prior to departure from the origin port, or Porf of Loading (POL). If this deadline is not met, cargo can not be unloaded from this vessel without express permission from the Chinese or Japanse customs authorities.

Complete instructions

Major mandatory data elements required in the Shipping Instruction
  • Voyage number
  • Vessel name
  • B/L number
  • POL, POD
  • Payment method for transport charges (prepaid or collect)
  • Total number of packages
  • Type of package
  • Total gross weight of cargo
  • Measurement of cargo
  • Contract and carriage conditions, for example, CY/CY
  • Name, Street and number or P.O. Box of Shipper, Consignee, and Notify Party
  • Contact person name, and contact number for dangerous cargo
  • Container number
  • Container size, type, supplier party, fullness (full/consol/empty)
  • Seal number
  • Number of packages per commodity item
  • Brief cargo description
  • Gross weight per commodity item
  • UN number for dangerous cargo
  • Marks and numbers


With the implementation of this rule, the amendment procedures will also be affected as follows:
  • Any amendment to split or combine the d/o after vessel arrival will not be accepted anymore, the separated or combined b/l will need to be issued at port of loading.
  • Any amendment of number of packages, weight or cbm only possible after the approval from the customs officer.
Original guideline from China Customs website: Decree No.172 in English Decree No.172 in Chinese We trust to have informed you herewith and are at your disposal in case you need further information.

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